Friday, September 04, 2015

Quick notes: BankMobile, GenZe...

  • Banking revolution: A mobile app launched by Indian-American banker Jay Sidhu and his daughter Luvleen can revolutionise the global banking industry.

    BankMobile has succeeded in becoming the fastest growing bank in the nation. Average deposits per branch have grown by an unheard of 500% per year and deposits have soared to 5.6 Billion. Every customer has a dedicated personal banker and a litany of fee free services from nationwide ATM access to text based P2P and Picture Bill Pay. You can lock or unlock your debit card with a single swipe and check your balance without the hassle of a full login process.

  • Manipulation in NSE: Loophole helping a few speculators?

  • GDP: India Will Overtake France In 2017: Merrill

  • Jaguars Are About to Get a Lot Cheaper: XE sedan starting at $34,900. Looks like a potent threat to BMW 3-series.

  • GenZe: Mahindra to debut in US market with scooter

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SS said...

RE: Your observation on blonde Kurds and Yazidis. I knew a guy in Grad School who had blonde hair and blue eyes and his fav question was "Guess where I am from". Everyone guessed Germany, Scandinavia, Russia etc. Nope the guy was from Syria. Most of the grad crowd was surprised.