Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hardik Patel, Latest Agent-Provocateur

Hardik Patel seems to be the newest demagogue and agent-provocateur after Arvind Kejriwal, aggressively trying to instigate mob violence over the issue of caste quotas to create instability in Gujarat. It's not merely ironic, but overwhelmingly obvious that quotas are a creation of the Left, and not of the BJP - and yet the flunker Hardik has targeted BJP with his anti-quota agitation.

As the Modi govt does the right thing by bringing to bear overwhelming state force against these obvious agent-provocateurs, the same Left-wing opportunists who like to claim that Modi did nothing to stop riots in Gujarat, are now pulling a 180 to complain about Modi's heavy-handedness against the current rioters in Gujarat. Yet of course none of these Lefties will comment on whether they support Hardik's cause.

I'm reminded of the underhanded tricks played in Egypt's elections. Because Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy was in a position to sweep the Egyptian elections, the kleptocratic establishment backed the rise of an ultra-fundamental Salaafist party to steal votes away from Morsy and weaken his electoral victory.

Congress has tried to use Patels against Modi before, such as in the previous Gujarat elections when Modi stood for re-election. Likewise, their hands would seem to be all over the latest hijinks being seen in Gujarat. As the Romans used to say - Cui Bono - Who profits?

It's amazing that more Patels aren't speaking out against Hardik Patel and his crooked poliical opportunism.

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