Friday, January 03, 2014

yanks resolutely deny india its historical importance as an economy

they stand in awe of china, but refuse to accord india its truthful place.

this is a general white guy sentiment, and i think it has to do with the fact that whites know fully well that the hans despise them; whereas indians suck up to them. naturally indians deserve contempt.

india was actually a bigger economy than china thru most of history. see angus maddison's work @noahopinion 

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vtpcnk said...

no. I think it is because that the whites (English) ruled us - implying that we are a defeated race and even our freedom was won with ahimsa - that they cannot accord us the respect they give to china which was never fully colonized. if indian independence was won with fire and blood, I think they would have respected us more.

vtpcnk said...

what are the chances that india will really be a huge economy? india's dependence on fdi only puts our wealth in the hands of foreigners. the whites keep denying india's economic history, because they are constantly engaged in the effort to strangle it. if ancient india's wealth was accepted then people would ask then where is the wealth now? such a question, neither our political masters nor their foreign economic controllers want to answer because it will eat into their profits.

san said...

What better can you expect from lazy fucks like us? We get defeated by them conventionally, and then try to win later on through whining until they get sick and tired of us.

CVSMurty said...

The fact that a dimwit like Sonia Maino is ruling over the collective destiny of this great nation is ample testimony for the character of the people of this country.