Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ROL goonda walks free: trouble expected in "SamaikhyAndhra"

Much anticipated "match fixing"
by the dynasty - a precursor to
his return to the KKKaangress.
After all, Samuel Reddy's evangelical ideology and his corrupt band of thugs are natural allies of the totalitarian fascists dedicated to the preservation of India's ruling Stalinist dispensation.

This goonda would be expected to stoke the embers of "SamaikhyAndhra" (sic) by instigating the Penta-Coastals.

It would be a great calamity if the Penta-Coastals cannot see beyond their pathological urge to
keep their colony of Telangana
forever and end up contributing to Samuel Reddy's dream of "Bible Rajyam" in SamaikhyAndhra.

A goonda Kaangress government will endeavour to
commandeer the Gold reserves of the Tirupati Devasthanam for
"secular" purposes, i.e. to finance hare brained schemes of the NAC kitchen cabinet to further bankrupt the country, including direct transfer of cash into the bank accounts of the Kaangress' ROL & ROP footsoldiers - an entitlement that will be hard to undo in the future.

Why don't the RBI, Directorate
of Revenue Intelligence etc investigate the Catholic church's
ill gotten assets in India as a source of revenue? The church is purportedly the 2nd largest employer in India after GOI itself !! The church's budget exceeds that of the Indian Navy!! And that is just the Catholic church -
the combined assets of the other
evangelical churches in India is
also in the order of billions of dollars.

This wealth - all looted from India originally needs to be confiscated and re-purposed for the welfare of all the nation's citizens, regardless of religious allegiance.

The church's interest in preserving it's colossal assets looted from the people of India - is behind the otherwise inexplicable release of incarcerated thugs that will certainly foment regional and communal discord in A.P.


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