Sunday, September 22, 2013

L'Affaire Dreyfus Indian-Style

I remember it was Rajeev who first quoted L'Affaire Dreyfus to us 15 years ago and said: J'Accuse!

Now we've seen that retired army chief V K Singh, only a day after appearing next to Modi at a rally, has been hit with charges of sedition. The main purpose of the rally was to promote the welfare of ex-servicemen, an issue which V K Singh has taken a leading role in.

Apparently, a "report" was put together 6 months ago, alleging that V K Singh sought to overthrow J&K's elected govt, and had created a secret military unit to be used for this. That the "report" came and went without provoking any action at all confirms it as the nonsense that it is. But now, after the retired V K Singh shows up on stage next to Modi, suddenly this "report" has been leaked to the Indian Express newspaper and the govt claims it now needs to investigate V K Singh for treason.

Oh, and of course V K Singh has also now been accused of blocking the promotion of his successor too. Wasn't that same line also used by the govt against former ISRO chief Dr G Madhavan Nair when they scapegoated him? It seems like the govt has gotten so used to sticking its knife into the backs of top public servants that it doesn't even bother to vary the script anymore.


Uddharet said...

Actually, the people who have committed TREASON are the ones who “leaked” the alleged report, allegedly accusing General VK Singh and the army “TSD”. TSD must have been a TOP SECRET unit, and even its existence ought not have been publicised, as such disclosure would help our enemies.

Mr. VK Singh has made the position clear in the video that you have included in the blog, and every true Indian should see it and learn the truth.

san said...

Clearly the govt itself has leaked the report, seeking to use it as a political weapon against V K Singh.