Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Secular" court prohibits brain mapping on Jihadi terrorist

One more fine instance of the excessive compassion of India's Nehruvian Stalinist establishment - for "minorities", that is, particularly the most rabid, obscurantist, seditious, anti-national Jihad terrorists.

The "honourable" judge's tender concern for the arrested Jihadi's "old age" and "poor health" is
very touching!

In comparison, poor Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur was forcibly subjected to the brain mapping procedure not less than 20 times - as a result of which, she has been diagnosed with Cancer. This is the price imposed by the "secular" totalitarian Congress fascists - merely for being a Hindu and a Hindu nationalist to boot.

Recently, the "juvenile" argument was deployed to exculpate the "secular" rapist in the infamous Delhi gang rape incident.

Now, the "old age" criterion is being deployed to acquit Jihadi butcher Abdul Karim Tunda.

Enough is enough. This travesty, indeed rape of justice is unacceptable. If a pervert is old enough to commit rape, then he is old enough to face the legal consequences.

Similarly, if a terrorist mastermind is "youthful" enough to be a "Ghazi", i.e. wage Jihad
against a nation of "infidels", then he is logically "fit" for any punitive action imposed by the law of the land.

A butcher like Abdul Karim Tunda would be put in front of a
firing squad, in any other self respecting nation...

Tunda refuses brain mapping test, court dismisses police plea

"A Delhi court has dismissed a police plea for permission to conduct brain mapping test of Abdul Karim Tunda after the arrested top LeT bomb expert refused to give his consent for it citing his old age and health problems."


Kesavan Nedungadi said...

Please remember, the revered Sankaracharya of Kanchi Peetham was subjected to Narco test — in Jayalilathaa's regime. I CAN NEVER FORGET IT OR FORGIVE, unless the woman does proper prAyaschittham.

nizhal yoddha said...

the supreme court under justice kg balakrishnan ruled narco tests unacceptable. it was very convenient for the catholic church because they had just gotten into serious trouble with two godmen and one godwoman confessing under narco (sodium pentathol) that sister abhaya had been murdered by them after she came upon them in a menage a trois in the convent's kitchen. suspiciously convenient timing for the church, no? poor abhaya. godwoman seffi had confessed she bopped abhaya over the head with the blunt edge of an axe, and then she and godmen kottoor and puthrukkayil dumped abhaya's body in the well. but all this was deemed a mistrial. yeah, mighty convenient for the church. suspiciously convenient. i suspect now they are saying tunda can't be given narco either, or that his confession under it will not be acceptable. that is my interpretation of this news item.