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Fwd: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning

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From: Bharata Bharati
Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 8:28 PM
Subject: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning

Dear All,
This is to confirm that Heathrow immigration indicated that there was indeed a notation in Baba Ramdev's passport, visible to their scanners, which prompted a red alert. Apparently, such alerts signify a drug warlord or terror suspect. This is what led to his eight hour detention immediately on arrival and insistence that he report to the authorities the following day at 2 pm, exactly when the Vivekananda 150th anniversary conference was scheduled to commence. A decision had been evidently taken to deport him on a 3.15pm Air India flight back to India.
The sweet little Asian thing who first interviewed him had no idea that there was a someone called Baba Ramdev, clearly a worthy product of Britain's comprehensive education, notorious for ensuring ignorance and illiteracy!
UK immigration relented following decisive intervention from the Rt. Honourable Keith Vaz, MP, Chair of the Home Office Parliamentary Select Committee, who spoke at length to immigration officials (his wife is a senior immigration expert) and berated them roundly! He also spoke to the Home Secretary and 10 Downing Street. Keith Vaz subsequently accompanied Baba Ramdev to Terminal 5 at Heathrow, having extended an unprecedented invitation to Baba Ramdev to visit him at home to discuss the situation. Mr Vaz also demanded postponement of the immigration interview with Baba Ramdev to 4pm because he knew there was 3.15pm flight on which Baba Ramdev might be expelled from the UK.
The immigration office doors, previously firmly shut to Baba Ramdev's supporters, including lawyers, was immediately opened. Vaz unceremoniously demanded the instant return to Baba Ramdev's of his passport as well as all his seized leaflets and personal diary, which happened within 5 minutes. UK immigration also granted a 2-year multiple entry Visa to Baba Ramdev on its own initiative.
Baba Ramdev was to be met by Jesse Jaskson at the airport in the US because of concerns how US immigration would react to the alert in his passport. He left last night after a hugely successful conference at which Shri Venkiah Naidu was also present.

Dear Friends,
The information that it was suggested to Heathrow immigration that Baba Ramdev was a 'terrorist' is confirmed, but I wish to check the supposed markings in his passport to convey such a message. I have asked to see his passport, when I meet him this afternoon.
On reflection, it seemed to me unusual that anyone in Delhi immigration would actually leave behind physical evidence of such an outrage, which therefore merits verification. However, all other facts are verified, some by sources, including the British Home Office that UK Muslim groups were incited to lodge a protest about the presence of a 'Hindu extremist' in the UK.
Baba Ramdev was evidently poised for deportation, which was halted because of the personal intervention of Keith Vaz, MP because as the chair of the parliamentary Home Office Select Committee. He was at the press conference after Baba Ramdev was allowed to remain in the UK.

On 21 September 2013 22:13, ddddd wrote:
I spent the afternoon in Heathrow with Baba Ramdev. The critical reason for UK immigration seeking to deny him entry to the UK (though they relented when MP Keith Vaz, Chair of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee arrived to intervene) originated in Delhi. Delhi immigration had stamped Ram Dev's  passport with a code that designated him a terrorist. It is the equivalent of an Interpol Red Corner notice. He was held for 8 hours and then required to attend another interview with UK immigration exactly at the time the conference was scheduled to begin the next day.

There were Muslim protests against him that were evidently instigated by the Congress party as well.

Baba Ramdev was only able to attend the Vivekananda 150th anniversary celebrations for its final ten minutes, after which  the venue needed to be vacated. But he gave a really great speech to the 800 people who had waited patiently for 4 hours.


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Kesavan Nedungadi said...

What USA has been doing with Modi, UK tried with Ramdev, but was thwarted.