Monday, February 04, 2013

Sports in Stalinist India

Our Banana Republic is a poor imitation even of the Communist
model. The actual Communist nations of Eastern Europe produced world beaters in every sport they paid attention to.

The Nehruvian Stalinists are a special breed - they stifle everything in sight, including sports - because excellence in that could inculcate a sense of national pride in the people.

Uber Stalinist Kalmadi has been monopolising sports in India for close to 3 decades as if it were a family business. The latest revelation from the CWG scandal - Rs. 73 lakhs or approximately $138,000 for a
Mujra by Shilpa Shetty - I'd say that's a really expensive striptease, even if paid for with one's own money.

Will Sachin Tendulkar the great raise his voice against this outrage in the Rajya Sabha?

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court dealing with a CWG related corruption case today said two of the accused had paid Rs 71.73 lakh for cinestar Shilpa Shetty's performance in the closing ceremony of 2008 CWG Youth Games at Pune "merely to fulfil the last moment wish" of Suresh Kalmadi.

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