Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yankee "expert": Kashmir solution will make Pakistan "normal"


What planet does this imbecile live on?

Osama Bin Laden himself had once described the "Land of the Pure" as the "fortress of Islam" in South Asia.

This is a civilizational conflict - created by the Ummah's hegemonistic urges for world domination. The Indian republic and the Hindus are obstacles in
their aim to re-conquer the vast sub-continental landmass that they had enslaved and raped for almost a whole millennium.

*Kashmir* is a mere episode in the long term civilizational conflict. Even if Pakistan is gifted Kashmir, as certain "secularists" are inclined to do,
the next demand for secession from Hindu India will be from:
Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Hyderabad, U.P, Bihar, Maharashtra etc. until Hindu India is completely decimated and bled to non-existence.

Refer to Hafiz Saeed's consistent and fondly expressed intentions to "liberate" Hyderabad from "Hindu hegemony".

Also witness the recent hair raising rioting and well organised genocide of Hindus in West Bengal (as usual, completely negated by the Dhimmi media and the governments) by Jihadis and seditious hate speeches by Jihadis across the length and breadth of the country.

This Yankee "expert" really makes me wonder about the great game being played. This needs to be read along with
Secretary of Defense nominee
Chuck Hagel's expression of animosity towards India's alleged role in "creating trouble"
for Pakis in Afghanistan &
Secretary of State John Kerry's
advocacy of even more military aid to Pakistan.

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Inferno said...

Anti-Israel, anti-India.. no wonder he is Barack Hussein's candidate :

India financed problems for Pak in Afghanistan: US Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel