Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who is Anti Women, Modi or the Media?

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Subject: Who is Anti Women, Modi or the Media?

I have read the article by Madhu Kishwar and it is extremely
enlightening about what the media chooses to report and what not to

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We know what Narendra Modi said about Sunanda Tharoor. But we weren't told
about the rest of that speech*

(*First published in* The Indian Express *15 November, 2012 )

Madhu Purnima Kishwar*

Now that the pious outrage over Narendra Modi’s tasteless remark describing
Sunanda Pushkar as a “50-crore rupee girlfriend” of Shashi Tharoor has
subsided, I hope we can examine the issue in perspective.

I write this after viewing Modi’s entire speech on YouTube, delivered
during the election campaign in Himachal Pradesh. It provides an
illustrative example of how our media steadfastly avoids discussion on
serious issues and picks up only sensational and titillating tidbits,
especially with regard to women, even while pretending to be guardians of
women’s rights and honour.


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