Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homicidal Catholics murder Hindu woman in Ireland

Her last words were "I'm neither Catholic nor Irish".

They killed the poor woman by their deliberate and obstinate refusal, on religious grounds - to perform the necessary medical procedure.

This is pre-meditated homicide, plain and simple - Insomniac Manmohan Singh better lose some sleep over this - he is usually exercised over the fate of expatriate Desi Jihadis in Australia, England etc.

John Dayal, Cedric Prakash and their ilk - even the "Shroud of Turin" need to be held accountable for this outrage - as representatives of the Catholic church in India.

Where is the "Pink Panty brigade" of Karnataka when a woman from that state has been killed by Christist bigots?

Question: Have the Irish been brainwashed by Aamir Khan's diabolical propaganda about
"Hindoo foeticide".

The broker media in India is busy minimizing and rationalizing away the Christian/Catholic motivation behind this crime. After all, don't we all know that Christism is a
"religion of Love" (TM)?

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