Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Defenestration the perfect word for unceremonious booting out of Microsoft's Windows chief v @theeconomist

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Off topic:
The Hindu editorial on migrant workers in Kerala

K. Vivek's comment caught my attention:
I would urge the governments and people of Kerala, Karnataka and TN to learn from experience of Maharashtra (not only Mumbai) in the matter of immigrant workers from the North. Unlike the rest of us (pejoratively covered by the catch-all term "Madrasi") who, when we migrate to other states, at least try to relate to the language and culture of our host regions, the Hindiwalas are notorious not only for refusing to make any such attempt, but for bullying their hosts to toe the Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan line.

I do not subscribe to the "jobs-for-the-sons-of-the-soil" argument of the MNS (or of the SS in its initial avatar), but do strongly believe that migrant workers must be firmly shown their place when they step out of their own territory. Therefore what is needed in Kerala and TN is legislation to protect local interests against such aggression.