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apartheid: Income Tax Dept: #Hinduism not a #Religion; Don't ask for benefits accorded to [real religions]

apartheid in action

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From: sri venkat
Date: Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Income Tax Dept: Hinduism not a Religion; Don't ask for benefits accorded to Christianity or Islam -

Hinduism not a Religion; Don't ask for benefits accorded to
Christianity or Islam - Income Tax Dept

 Nagpur: Following is the excuse by  INCOME TAX APPELLATE TRIBUNAL,
NAGPUR to not include Hindu Religious institutions from exempting from
seeking the benefit of Charity Institutions under SECTION
80(G).According to this order Hinduism is only a ‘Technical term ‘ and
because of that Government cannot extend the benefits which they
accord to Christianity and Islam as a Religion! This Anti Hindu order
has been issued on 11.10.2012 by Income Tax appellate Tribunal in
Nagpur while considering the application of Shiv Mandir Devsttan Panch
Committee Sanstan, Nagpur

The word “Hindu” has not been defined in any of the texts nor in
judgment made law. The word was given by British administrators to
inhabitants of India, who were not Christians, Muslims, Parsis or
Jews. The alleged Hindu religion consists of four castes Brahmins,
kshatriyas, vaishyas and sudras belonging ultimately to two schools of
law, mitaksharas and dayabhaga. There is, however, no religion by the
name ~Hindu’. It only shows that so calledHindu religion has been
called for convenience.” CIT must be aware of that the Hindu consists
of a number of communities having the different gods who are being
worshipped in a different manner, different rituals, different ethical
codes. Even the worship of god is not essential for a person who has
adopted Hinduism way of life. Thus, Hinduism holds within its fold men
of divergent views and traditions who have very little in common
except a vague faith in what may be called the fundamentals of the
Hinduism. The word ‘community’ means a society of people living in the
same place, under the same laws and regulations and who have common
rights and privileges. This may apply to Christianity or moslem but
not to Hinduism. Therefore, it cannot be said that Hindu is a separate
community or a separate religion. Technically Hindu is neither a
religion nor a community. Therefore, expenses incurred for worshipping
of Lord Shiva, , Hanuman, Goddess Durga and for maintenance of temple
cannot be regarded to be for religious purpose.

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Chandra Vikash said...

I agree with the contention of the Income Tax Tribunal that "Hindu" is vaguely defined today.

Let's work together to clarify Hindu as the Nationality of India and Dharma as the basis of our Constitution. "Religion" is an Abrahamic concept and should only be a private practice in secular India.

Chandra Vikash