Monday, August 13, 2012

Pak: Exodus of Minorities Waiting To Happen

If India were to relax visa restrictions and allow open immigration, Pakistan could witness the largest exodus of minorities since 1947, especially from the remote areas of Sindh, Balochistan and other disturbed areas where kidnappings, forcible conversions, marriages of minor girls, ransacking of residences, robbing of commercial establishments and religious persecution continues unabated. The state apparatus is either non-existent or a mute spectator. [link, The Hindu]

“The Hindu community in Pakistan is subjected to daylight robberies. Children are abducted for ransom. Hindu girls are forced to convert to Islam. A child of our relative was abducted and when they failed to pay ransom, the child was found dead after two-and-a-half months,” Ahuja said at the Attari railway station. “If India does not give me and my family citizenship, then we will be left with no choice but to return to Pakistan and embrace Islam.”.
“There is no surety whether our children will come back from the school in Pakistan. The children are also beaten up at school,” said his wife Suman. [link, IE]
Poodle Singh not losing any sleep .

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