Monday, August 13, 2012

why is ramdev season 1 getting more hostility than anna season-2

i will confess - i have no dog in this fight.

and generally speaking these gandhian fads like fasting are completely useless against the mother of all scams - EVM rigging.

but inquiring minds want to know why these tv channels - especially the Nehru Dynasty's favorite channel are so adamantly anti-ramdev? I dont remember Anna Season-1 getting such a TV hammering last year - and even Anna Season-2 was laughed at as a trifle.

but why are these tv wallahs treating ramdev's agitation as a 'threat to democracy' - could it be that it has the potential of genuinely striking a chord with ordinary indians when compared to kejriwal's puppet .......

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san said...

Cmon, you know that the first time around Congress was courting Ramdev, and didn't break with him until Sonia gave the order to crack heads at Ramdev's first gathering.

This time, the honeymoon is long over, and the Congress will start sniping at him well in advance.