Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hungary's far-right calls for zero tolerance against Roma | #human #rights Europe

(Reuters) - Hungary's opposition far-right Jobbik party called on Saturday for zero tolerance against what it called Roma crime and parasitism, and said any member of the large minority who did not conform should leave the country.

Tensions between the 500,000 to 700,000 impoverished Roma and o...

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Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

The Roma could convert to Islam and perhaps import a few Mullahs from Pakistan or Saudi. That may not change their status, but would certainly change the outlook of others towards them.

Arvind said...

Jobbik supports forcing universal education and even wants to strip people of voting rights if they are not educated. Jobbik supports unions. Jobbik opposes privatization and claims it destroys jobs. Jobbik is anti-Semitic.

And Jobbik is far right?

Here is the exact wording of their employment policy.

People are not units of profit-creation, or objects; they are individuals who possess intrinsic dignity; in such individuals’ lives, in their vocations, work plays a vital role.

This is why we must strive to ensure, that a person’s occupation doesn’t merely serve the function of providing the foundations for financial survival; in addition it should ideally be a source of dignity, gratification and feelings of self-satisfaction.

During the course of the dissolution and privatization of the domestic manufacturing and processing industries: one million places of work were terminated; while at the same time a large portion of union assets were wiped out.

Our objective is increasing employment levels as much as possible, and as a result we deem it necessary that: European Union employment directives come under critical scrutiny, the influence and independence of unions be increased, illicit employment arrangements be abolished, and employee’s legal protection be reinforced.

We will reform training subsidies, which are now synonymous with wastage and misuse. Jobbik will oppose abuses committed in contravention of equal treatment legislation, and will promote equal pay for men and women, as well as equal conditions of preferment, for those given work in a self-employed capacity, as those received by regular employees.

We will oppose short-term working contracts, which are being deliberately utilized, in order to permit the sacking of employees, without either notice periods or redundancy payments, should demand for the relevant goods and services wane.

We oppose the fact that through the cynical use of on-call, overtime, and seasonal-work pre-conditions, collective contracts are now compulsorily requiring 65 hour working weeks. We also oppose those EU directives, which are facilitating the exclusion of unions, from agreements drawn up with multinational corporations.

We endorse the compulsory awarding of Sunday as a rest-day, in all those spheres of employment where its imposition is not contrary to basic operating requirements. We will guarantee employees Legal Aid, in the case of employment disputes; while we will also strengthening those institutions which assist in employer–employee arbitration.

nizhal yoddha said...

roma are mostly muslim with hindu names. it is thought their ancestors were hindus abducted and carried off by the afghans and sold in slave markets in their country. some of these poor people then managed to 'migrate' westward (pretty much like the original 'aryan invasion/migration' was really an "out-of-india" migration to the west). they have been brutalized by the so-called aryans of europe ever since.