Thursday, August 30, 2012

economist despite its whites-must-rule instincts, finds it difficult to totally trash @namo, but damns with faint praise|wwp|8-30-2012|3296332|35042158|

the economist is generally the flag-carrier of european/NATO imperialism, and believes that whites have a manifest destiny to rule.

but they do note that the assam and sikh riots did not stick to the teflon congress. not surprising because of the neta-journo nexus


Inferno said...

some one shud do 2 Sonia Gandhi what Katie Couric had done 2 Sarah Palin. All her know how wud be exposed.

Inferno said...


I wonder what question NDTV asked Narayana Murthy. Trying to blame the BJP for the UPA's failure, apparently.

"I met Mr. Mukherjee four times, I met the Prime Minister twice, I met the Finance Secretary, I met Kaushik Basu, the Chief Economic Advisor three times, all of that. I mean just defining what is software exports, just making sure the growth of the industry is not curtailed by unnecessary clauses in the tax administration, it should not happen. This is nothing to do with the Parliament, this is nothing to do with any Opposition party, please," Murthy said.