Thursday, August 02, 2012

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims flee to India | next round of #bodo #genocide in #assam will be to give these people lebensraum

breaking news: soon-to-be indian citizens with 'first claim on resources' arrive. manmohan's sleeplessness is cured. these are the guys who will be doing the next round of ethnic cleansing of bodos and other indigenous people. 

wait, i was under the impression PAKISTAN was the country for the sub continent's muslims. why aren't these people going to the promised Land of the Pure (TM)?

oh wait, undesirables are not taken in by the brotherhood of the ummah. no arab country wants palestinians, of course. similarly, pak doesn't want dark, short, bangladeshis with inferior genes. all their efforts in 1971 to improve bengali genes through rape therapy did not really bear fruit. 

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