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just forwarding, not endorsing: Invitation to the Global Indian Business Meet, Manhattan, NY - Sept 20-23

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Subject: Invitation to the Global Indian Business Meet, Manhattan, NY - Sept 20-23


Invitation to the Global Indian Business Meet, Manhattan, NY - Sept 20-23

Global Indian business leaders, renowned knowledge experts, investors, key government leaders and financial officials from many countries including various Indian states, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbeans are converging in Manhattan for the Global Indian Business Meet 2012 in September. This 3-day conference is being organized to explain and explore challenges and opportunities, the emerging growth sectors and various regions of the world where growth is predicted to happen. Current and future entrepreneurs, business leaders as well as investors are invited to this must attend event.

GIBM 2012, which will be held at heart of world's financial center, will examine the drive, passion, work ethic, innovation and strategy that energize India's emerging market and enable Indian-run businesses and organizations world-wide to impact the global economy.

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We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of NGI South Africa Edition

2012 is proving to be a game changer for NGI Family. Starting with NGI Excellence Awards in Jaipur in January 2012 followed by streamlining the Middle-East issue of NGI Knowledge Exchange, widen horizon of NGI Foundation, and the announcement of GIBM 2012, where likes of Mr. Anand Sharma, the Indian Commerce Minister, Lord Meghnad Desai from the London School of Economics, Prof. Tarun Khanna, the head of South Asia Initiatives at Harvard Business School, etc., will be present to tell the world how India manage to survive the global catastrophic slowdown, among other things, to launch of our South Africa Edition of NGI, the year is giving us, our readers, and our well-wishers lot many reasons to smile.

I take this opportunity to invite you to welcome the first ever issue of NGI South Africa.

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