Saturday, June 19, 2010

in answer to PM's prayers, 'creative solution' in j&k

jun 19th, 2010

here is the creative solution.

lots of shouting about amarnath pilgrimage, jaziya imposed on pilgrims, and gilani screeching from the rooftops that there'll be consequences if the pilgrimage is extended

mehbooba mufti demands the removal of troops. again. except of course for protecting her and her family. (like when her sister was kidnapped and the kkkangress caved in and released a bunch of terrorists in return for her, much to the terrorists' surprise and delight.)

i suspect the Messiah has told the ISI to go ahead and create a situation wherein manmohan singh can gracefully sign over j&k to pakistan as the price to be paid for the american war in afghanistan to end.

btw, what happened to the world's favorite rage-boy who was always in the forefront of all photographs? he was an ugly mother, but i do miss him. i guess he got a little... overexposed, so now they have had to go hire other, fresh rage-boys. this one looks a worthy successor to the earlier ugly mother. 

'creative solution' in j&k, PM, as requested: new rage-boys hired
 & amarnath fuss


Hitanshu said...

Hi Rajeev and others, a suggestion, why don't you guys also start a youtube channel in addition to your blog like some of the men's rights activists are doing. I bet you guys will be able to reach more people.

Arvind said...

It was not kkkangress that released rubaiya sayeed but the weepy singh govt.