Sunday, January 31, 2010

where are the pink-panty loose women association types now?

jan 31st, 2010

they must be celebrating the deaths of these two people. that nisha susan gal was an abominable shrew: she was the one who waxed so eloquent about the so-called rights of loose women (by which i assume women with mustaches who couldn't get a date if their lives depended on it) to drink in pubs. why on earth anybody would want to encourage people to drink i shall never know. 

drunk gal speeds, kills 2 incl cop in mumbai. no outrage because she's emancipated modern woman or mohammedan? 
 via Seesmic


Inferno said...

I only hope the police won't do a tardy job even on this case. Expect consipary theories about a Shiv Sena brigade chasing her car leading to this accident. As far as I know, Rediff did not even cover this story.

Inferno said...

Another pink-chaddi inspired crash.

‘Drunk’ couple crash Civic into Maruti