Sunday, January 31, 2010

all the pachauri-bashing is coming from the limeys

jan 31st, 2010

the current debate is nuts! even if there are 100's of errors in the IPCC reports, that is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater: there is little question that there is climate change. by focusing on climategate, glaciergate, amazongate, watervaporgate (this is a good one. i think the answer is called 'rain') and other crap, they are trying to divert attention away from the main issue, which is that all this burning of oil and coal is affecting the environment. 

for a moment, let us leave aside the substantive issues of whether the IPCC lied or whatever.

isn't it strange that all the noise about rajendra pachauri's malfeasanance and calls for his head, and a breathless report about how he -- gasp! -- rode in a car! (daily mail, UK), are all coming from the limeys?

my conclusion: the hans have hired the limeys to discredit IPCC, and thus the entire idea of global warming.

if they succeed, then the chinese (and the yanks) don't have to do anything to cut down on greenhouse gas emission.

the burden of global warming (rising seas, agricultural losses) will fall disproportionately on india and other innocent bystanders.

bloody fiendish, i tell you.


Arvind said...

this is not a correct characterization. the left in the west is defending ipcc while the right is bashing it. so you see the telegraph bashing the global warming crowd while the guardian suppresses any news about any kind of fraud.

in the us, it is the same story. the left defends whatever shenanigans its heroes indulge in. turns out that the john edwards affair that they suppressed hit them really hard and they were behind even national enquirer. there is a division in the american media too. fox bashes al gore while nyt defends him.

as for the rest of the world (this means canada and aus since no nz media outlet is known to anyone), it is not as though their media has been read by a large number of people.

Ghost Writer said...

When the real opportunity came - India chose to side with polluting china than with a half-earnest West. If India had played it's cards right - we would have been the global innovation hub for clean energies and sustainable development. Instead - as things stand China will go on building its power by polluting the world.

is it any surprise then that the supine brits dump on ipcc and pahauri? (about whom my feelings are known - but that is nt the issue)

There is complete hypocricy when it comes to climate change. everyone wants something to be done - but not on their dime. why did not India show stratgeic intent on sustainable engineering. we have the talent - and much of our infrastrucutre has not been laid.We could have leapfrogged over carbon intensive technologies, while china would have been stuck with burning itelf out.

Inferno said...

A polluting world is to China's advantage. We need a world order where the polluter pays. I never could decode India's siding with China in Copenhagen.

Anirban said...

It is no doubt true that many Brits still have not got over the loss of their colony, but in this case it would be wrong for us to allow Pachauri to claim martyrdom. The cases are fairly serious. And anyway, the latest article takes aim at whole IPCC. The IPCC of course wants to sacrifice Pachauri and protect others in IPCC - "It is noticeable how many of those now calling for Dr Pachauri's resignation, led by Professor Andrew Weaver, a senior IPCC insider, are passionate global warming believers. Fearing that Pachauri damages their cause, they want him thrown overboard in the hope of saving the IPCC itself. But it is not just Pachauri who has been holed below the waterline. So has the entire IPCC process. And beyond that – and despite the pleading of Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and the BBC that none of this detracts from the evidence for man-made global warming – so has the warmist cause itself. Bereft of scientific or moral authority, the most expensive show the world has ever seen may soon be nearing its end. "

Anirban said...

It is not really true that global warming is an established fact. In 1800s the average temperature was 5 C higher. I am not sure there were SUVs and aerosols that time..This anthopogenic global warming seem to be another "Hind Swaraj" type mumbo zumbo which always finds common cause for strange bedfellows like Marxists and right wing xenophobes in USA and effectively anti India forces like Sandeep Pandey , Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy in India.