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robert vadra's relatives are dropping like flies. enquiring minds want to know why

apr 5th, 2009
this vadra guy is the fellow famous for being married to bianca maino alias priyanka nehru.
he is also famous as the only person who is named in the list of VIPs (others are the president of india, the chief justice, the speaker, but not the chief of army staff) who are exempt from being frisked and searched in airports! why this nobody is explicitly named in this context, along with high officials of the indian state, is not clear.
interesting that antonia maino alias sonia nehru and raoul maino alias rahul nehru will be frisked, but not robert, the country's son-in-law, i guess.
i am making a prediction that robert vadra will be the future prime minister of india, sort of like zardari in pakistan.

apparently all of robert's immediate family (except his mother) have died. father hanged himself, sister died in a road accident, and brother committed suicide.
but mother is alive. ah, but then mother is a white woman and a fundamentalist christist, who got rajinder (the hindu father) to convert and forced all her children to be fundamentalist christists too. such people have 'divine' (yeah, right) protection in india.

amazing how various kkkangress people also have died in accidents, very conveniently for the nehru dynasty. eg. sanjay gandhi, rajesh pilot, scindia, et al.
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From: S. Kalyanaraman
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:50 PM
Subject: Something is amiss in the reports of deaths in Priyanka's family

It is natural to grieve when a death occurs in a family. Condolences to the family members.

I was recently reading a report on hawala (to research further on the public loot from Hindusthan kept in tax havens). An interesting route mentioned was diamond smuggling. As everyone knows, India is a favoured destination for cutting and polishing small-sized diamonds. For the last two years, there is a blitzkrieg of promoting diamonds forever to the gullible consumers of Hindusthan. The amazing part of the situation is that Belgium, a diamond-trading hub, has suddenly become the third largest trading partner with India, next only to USA and UK, according to the India-Belgium chamber of commerce. Of course, Dredging International of Belgium got lucrative contracts for dredging in the Indian Ocean...

Strange is the marketplace of Hindusthan.

One wonders why Priyanka's father-in-law, said to have been running a brass and wood handicrafts business, hanged himself.

Would the investigators be equal to the task of figuring out the causes of the tragedy series reported below?


Priyanka's father-in-law hanged himself: Police sources

3 Apr 2009, 2057 hrs IST, IANS

Priyanka Vadra with her mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi attends the cremation of her father-in-law Rajinder Vadra in New Delhi. (PTI Photo) 

Priyanka Gandhi with husband Robert Vadra and brother Rahul Gandhi leaves after the cremation of her father-in-law Rajinder Vadra in New Delhi. (Reuters Photo)

NEW DELHI: Rajinder Vadra, the father-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, was on Friday found hanging from a ceiling fan in a south Delhi guest house, highly placed police sources said.

... deleted
Rajinder Vadra resided in the Civil Lines area of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh and ran a brass and wood handicrafts business from there.

Around seven-eight years ago Robert Vadra sent a notice to his father and elder brother Richard, accusing them of using his relationship with Priyanka Gandhi to try and get people appointed to the Uttar Pradesh Congress committee and the Moradabad District Congress committee.

Rajinder Vadra, who was separated from his family, had in an interview denied his son's allegations and expressed his displeasure at his marrying Priyanka, the daughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

His daughter Michelle died in a car accident some years ago.,prtpage-1.cms


Another tragedy in Vadra family
20 Sep 2003, 0730 hrs IST, ANUBHA SAWHNEY, TNN
NEW DELHI: Richard Vadra, estranged brother of Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra, reportedly committed suicide in Moradabad on Friday.

The tragedy comes two years after the Vadra family lost Michelle — Robert and Richard's sister — in a road accident on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in April, 2001. No details are available on what happened in Moradabad. Robert Vadra refused to comment on his brother's death when contacted by TNN.

In January 2002, Robert Vadra placed ads in newspapers, declaring that he had nothing to do with his father, Rajinder, and brother, Richard, and that any attempts by them to gain favours by pretending to act on his behalf should be disregarded. The notice was issued on Robert's behalf by advocate Arun Bhardwaj.

... deleted
While Robert is the proprietor of Artex Exports, through which he sells costume jewellery, Richard ran an independent export business. Rajinder Vadra, separated from his wife, Maureen (nee McDonagh) is an exporter of metal handicrafts and operates from Amar Colony.,prtpage-1.cms


witan said...

1. Maneka Gandhi's father (a Sikh) was also "found dead", and there were suspicions at that time he might have been murdered.
2. The news says Rajinder Vadra's body was cremated. Christians do not like cremation. Was Rajinder Vadra a Hindu? Please also see: Vadra farm hosts RSS school, shakhas , in Indian Express, 09 March 1998: “Sanjay Manu Vadera Farm, the favourite retreat of the Vadras, has a tastefully done-up farmhouse, a swimming pool -- and Saraswati Shishu Mandir -- a school run by the RSS. Om Prakash Vadera, the family patriarch and the uncle of Robert Vadra, says he donated the school to the RSS in 1995. "I am the permanent chairman of the school," he adds. (The family uses different spellings for their surname.)”
All this revive the old question, what religion (if any) do Priyanka, Rahil (aka Rahul), and Sonia follow? It is important, because today a couple of hours back, I saw on TV, Rahil and Sonia at a havan performed for propitiating the gods before Sonia filed her "nomination" at Rae Bareilli.
If Rajinder Vadra was a Christian, why was he cremated? Was it for preventing possible exhumation of his body for forensic tests?

Guruprasad said...


Another interesting observation is why did a converted christian's body cremated and that too in such a haste? Is somebody trying to hide some evidence here



A Stoic said...

Soniaji's family has been running an Indian antique shop in Italy right from the days she first came to India. Business had been so good that the family rose from lower middle class to rich class within a few years of Soniaji's marriage.

Anita said...|ndtI=&Title=Truth+about+Rahul%E2%80%99s+MPhil&SectionID=vBlkz7JCFvA=&MainSectionID=vBlkz7JCFvA=&SEO=Rahul+Gandhi&SectionName=EL7znOtxBM3qzgMyXZKtxw==

Truth abour rahul's M phil-he has got the degree in 2004-2005,then how had he claimed in year 2004 election affidavit that he has above degree,he was a member of the Lok Sabha during 2004-05 then when did he attend class.

opsudrania said...


It is an Honorary degree at the mercy of Mr Amartya Sen from Cambridge that the M. Phil was awarded to Mr Raol aka Rahul Gandhi aka Vinci. This is not for your and my questions.

Baby said...

I think 'Vadhera' is a punjabi caste.