Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brahma: Oil and Islamism

Brahma states the obvious i.e. unearned oil wealth has led to radical Islamisation in the middle east - which is then exported by international subsidies to terrorist organizations (not to mention some Indian NGO's). Islamic ideology is full of concepts like Jihad, dar-ul-harb and houris - but in modern times the fuel for this fire has been petro-dollars.

the ideas of a shiite revival are further elaborated in Vali Nasr's very fine book - I am actually glad to see the Sunni domination of the muslim world end. not because I am fond of the shia's - but because for india, the muslim world is better divided than united. this divide is actually very vicious - there used be riots in Lucknow about Shia processions during Muharram

Brahma ends on a quizzical note - asking for the democratization of the region rather than Saud type autarky - I hope he does not have more of the Bush-style democratisation of Iraq in mind. I am also sad that he has not called for the ultimate weapon of destruction of oil sheikhdoms - solar power!

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Karmasura said...

Agreed.. solar, wind, water, tidal, biogas heck cycle powered dynamos should end all types of abominations.. not only the oil sheikhdoms, but also the need of India to go groveling at the international institutions and sign humiliating treaties... for resources it (or we) don't have..