Monday, October 22, 2012

Samuel Reddy's ghost and Christist war in Andhra

How is it "secular" to hold public rallies with a Bible in hand? Is this not a blatant infringement of the electoral code of conduct? Or will the Election commission of India look the other way - based on some technicality - such as "elections are X months away" etc?

It was interesting to see the Dalal media's attempt to negate
Samuel Reddy's christist identity - post the unfortunate helicopter incident, what with rampant stories about a "cremation" (sic)
of his mor(t)al remains.

It is still not too late, despite the 20% Christist population - for the stupid "secular" people to see the YSR Congress in its true naked ugliness - a CWG
(Christist War Group) akin to the
PWG (Peepul's War Group of naxalites, who are predominantly stealth christist anyway)

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