Monday, September 17, 2012

Dalit woman gangraped in M.P

Make an educated guess as to the perpetrators' identity.

Shameful incidents like these keep occurring with sickening regularity. There was an incident about 2 months ago when a 12 year old Dalit girl child was gang raped and murdered.

This is a wake up call for dormant Hindus, reminds me of the protagonist of the movie
"A time to kill".

The perpetrators of these ghastly crimes invariably are adherents of the same cult that riots at the drop of a hat
and kills diplomats at the silliest of pretexts, sat some film or cartoon.

Where are all the shrill usual advocates of "Dalit freedom" now? Where is the BSP of "Aadarneeya Behenji Mayawati"? Where is Mullah Mulayam? Where is Kaancha Iliah with his racist theology?

Shame on these opportunist anti-Hindu partisans. Hindus are
3rd class citizens in India just like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Raping infidel women and forcibly converting them is one of the founding tenets of the Arabian desert cult to demonstrate the defenselessness of infidels under Islamic subjugation,
assert the supremacy of the "Religion of Peace" and acts as a force multiplier in its implied demographic war.

Will there be an appropriate punishment for this bestial crime delivered by our Dhimmi "NyayaMoortis" (aka "Justices")
or will some Dhimmi concoct an inquiry report of "spontaneous rape" (like Dhimmi Justice Bannerji's spontaneous combustion at Godhra) or will the poor woman be asked to literally take it lying down in the spirit if Gandhian secularism and
"communal harmony"

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