Monday, October 22, 2012

Taliban rearing its ugly head in Kerala

Moplah Taliban persecute a female school teacher in "God's own country", i.e. Khairallah - for not complying with their diktat to
wear a black tarpaulin aka Burka.

This outrage occurred in a government aided (read Hindu taxpayer funded) "Minority" educational institution.

Where is the "Human rights" mafia now? Where is the
Pink Panty (TM) brigade?
Where are all the usual "Secular Progressive" NGO busybodies?

Cat got your tongue, eh?

No surprises there. The "secular" mafia is engaged in enabling Jihadi demographic warfare and therefore is exercised about the "rights" of teenage Hindu girls - namely the
right to be seduced by a Love Jihadi, the right to wear a black
tarpaulin aka Burka, lthe right to become a baby producing factory for the Arab imperialistic cult etc.

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