Monday, September 19, 2016

yours truly has been appointed to this panel

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san said...

Congrats Rajeev - this is an area where India could certainly benefit from an improvement. I've always read how a small country like Israel really punches above its weight on innovation, due to their strong incubator support. It would be great for India to target particular promising sectors, like satellite technology, where we have some natural supporting advantages in our space launch industry, or biotech where we have a large technical pool, or transportation sector where there's all kinds of upheaval going on. It's too bad India has so many monopolies which stifle or oppose the entry of new market players, because things like that really impose a cost on the economy.

Sameer said...

Congrats Rajeev.

In addition to what San said.. India also has some really bad and outdated policies and internal bureaucracy.. for example, there is a world class combat helmet manufacturing company based in India, which exports to foreign militaries, but Indian army is stuck with those 70's helmet for its soldiers.. the requirement for new ones has been pending and stuck in red tape and corruption.
P.S. I am in no way associated with that company :P

Pagan said...

3 links (required reading):

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