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Fwd: Pursuing coercive cyber measures against Pakistan+The Silent Chinese invasion+Abandoning the Army Doctrine in Kashmir

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1. China too caught in a corridor of uncertainity 22.9.16 by kallock bhattacharjee
2. Keep U.S. close, Russia closer by G Parthasarathy 22.9.16
Even before the Sino-Indian border conflict broke out in 1962, the CIA was permitted to position facilities along the border with China, to monitor Chinese nuclear tests. The US was permitted to use a staging base in Charbatia, Odisha, for flying its U2 spy planes over China.  Strangely, our non-alignment was such in the 1950s that we fought shy of seeking defence equipment from the Soviet Union, despite signs of a growing Sino-Soviet rift!
The world situation has changed drastically since the 1970s.  What has, however, continued, is the Sino-Pakistan axis, with a growingly powerful China providing Pakistan with nuclear weapons and ballistic missile capabilities, while enhancing Pakistan's maritime, air and land power. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being accompanied with the establishment of a direct fibre optic link between the headquarters of the Western Theatre Command of China's People's Liberation Army in Kashgar (in China's Muslim-majority Xinjiang province) and the GHQ of the Pakistan army in Rawalpindi.
We should understand Russian imperatives in its immediate neighbourhood, in Crimea and elsewhere, while strengthening defence and energy cooperation with Moscow.'
3. India's enemies be warned Rafale will be a game changer by Claude Arpi 22.9.16
4. Abandoning the Army Doctrine in Kashmir 22.9.16 by M.G. Devasahavan
Is it bullets by the Army against pellets from misguided youth? Is it that while the civil forces responsible for dealing with the situation are allowed to abdicate their role and bloat at the expense of the exchequer, the Army is asked to carry the can?
Lest there be any confusion, the Army Doctrine clearly defines "proxy war" and "insurgency". Proxy war is a war conducted between nations utilising non-state players to fight on their behalf. Insurgency is an organised armed struggle by a section of the local population against the State. '
5. Pursuing coercive cyber measures against Pakistan 22.9.16 by arun sukumar
6. The Silent Chinese invasion by B D Barua 22.9.16
China has started to bottle Tibetan water and in 2014, the government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region established a $54 million development fund to promote the bottled water industry.
Unless China displays empathy for the lower altitude neighbours of their occupied land, water shortage will scorch future generations of many states in the near future; but construction of dams on international rivers such as the Mekong, Brahmaputra or Amur shows that China is adamant on unilateral actions, least bothered about the happenings below.
Sri Lanka is failing in repaying its debts to China, its largest donor country.  The island nation offered many assets in exchange for a debt relief and the Chinese ultimately demanded 1500 acres of land for a Chinese Industrial Zone in Hambantota Sea Port .

Imbalances to note while analysing the policies of India and China are things like the following:

  • When India and other countries hardly know about a Chinese dam under construction, Chinese companies like Dongfang Electric are equipment suppliers to major Indian power projects
  • The activities of NORINCO and TCL in India as stated above

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