Saturday, September 24, 2016

EU Parliament Warns Pakistan of Sanctions Over Baloch Atrocities

The head of the European Parliament is warning Pakistan of economic sanctions over its atrocities in Balochistan:

So what's really happening here? Pak has been warming up to Russia, just as China has. But Russia is EU's geopolitical adversary, as we all know. Russia's main geographic vulnerability is in its soft Central Asian underbelly, which we saw successfully exploited by the West during the Afghan War against the Soviets, which helped to build up Pak into the threat it is today. But since Pak now wants to be a collaborator with Moscow and not a weapon against them, that means Pak may now be putting itself in the West's crosshairs. An independent Balochistan would be a route for the West to reopen and re-expose the soft Russian underbelly, whereas a China-Pak economic corridor (CPEC) could permanently close it off. For the first time, Indian and Atlanticist interests now converge in Balochistan.

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