Monday, September 19, 2016

Fwd: After Uri strike, India must impose measured costs on terror exporters+4 pronged strategy to hit Pakistan+10 Behavioural traits India must change to successfully counter Pakistan

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

India's response needs to be well thought through, no knee jerk reactions and jingoism. The basic problem in dealing with Pakistan is in the Hindu mindset. Followers of Indian Religions are not aggressive by nature and have no desire to rule the world, unlike Islam and Christianity who are in a state of perpetual aggression through Conversions and Imposing their Scriptures on the world. Unless Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs accept this basic reality, be in a state of 24 by 7 preparedness and counter these aggressive religions, India will always be unstable. Read Dr Ambedkar please.
It is very easy to blame Pakistan but difficult to hunt down the enemy within. Every terror attack needs local support. Until we learn to take decisive action, the next attack is only a few months. And action does not mean War. Do not blame the Government alone, the problem is with us. We need to change first!
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6. 17 Jawans killed in Uri. Link has details if you wish to contribute to the Indian Army Welfare Fund.
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