Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quick notes: Indian microprocessor, Annapurna Labs...

  • India to invest $10 billion in chip manufacturing facilities. "India would also be investing $400 million in developing an Indian version of micro-processor."

  • Annapurna Labs: Why would a secretive Israeli startup call itself  Annapurna Labs?

  • 'Water man of India': Rajendra Singh uses a modern version of the ancient Indian technique of rainwater harvesting. The judges of the Stockholm Water Prize say his technique is cheap, simple, and that his ideas should be followed worldwide.

  • Fighting pollution: Only one half of the motorists in Paris will be allowed to drive on any given day based on license plate number.

  • Cleaner diesel: Propel launches high performance renewable diesel.

  • GDP mirage: China to focus less on GDP, more on sustainable, higher-quality expansion.

  • Navarasa Kanada in Adi:


balaji said...

Why would a American Hollywood company name itself Annapurna Pictures, its the same reason there is no monopoly on names anyone can use it for their business ventures as long as there is no malicious intent

nizhal yoddha said...

in fact that is not true. there is such a thing as a trademark. no, you may not use a name someone else has trademarked in your geography. or even give a name that suggests a trademarked name (or a service-marked name). they will sue you