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Fwd: New U.S. Maritime Policy shows two sides to China+NGOs feel the pinch as China mulls law on foreign funds+North East Region the Alaska of India+Indo Lanka Relations

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1. New U.S. Maritime Policy shows two sides to China by Zhang Junshe,19/3/15
'Compared with the 2007 version, the new strategy involved a series of new concepts being promoted for the first time, such as "Indo-Asia-Pacific region" (Indian Ocean-Asia-Pacific region), "all domain access", and "Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare". It clearly places "all domain access" at the peak of its priorities among the five basic capabilities of US naval forces.
On the one hand, the strategy acknowledges that China's expansion of naval activities in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean has played a positive role in the international community
2. NGOs feel the pinch as China mulls law on foreign funds 19/3/15
Overseas NGOs bring in international funds and sophisticated technologies, however, at the same time, concerns have been growing that some overseas NGOs may attempt to influence China's politics through exerting pressure in areas such as human rights.
For example under the draft law, overseas NGOs would be required to register with the police, instead of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as domestic NGOs do.
The draft law also forbids overseas NGOs from undertaking certain activities which are open to domestic NGOs. Overseas NGOs would not be allowed to raise funds or receive donations in Chinese mainland, in addition to not being allowed to participate in business activities.

According to the draft law, overseas NGOs and their representative organizations are forbidden to fund or be involved in religious activities in the Chinese mainland, but they can participate in areas like education, technology, culture, environmental protection and charity.'
3. North East Region the Alaska of India by brig narendra kumar 20/3/15
My take – The people of Manipur are mostly pro India. If GOI wants to get their support it should repair and reconstruct the road from Silchar to Imphal so that Manipuris are not blackmailed by Nagas as is today where all road traffic to Imphal comes thru Dimapur/Kohima in Nagaland. With Silchar to be on broad gauge soon it could become a second gateway to Manipur.
4. India's courtship of neighbors faces obstacles by Liu Zongyi 20/3/15
'Regardless of the nationalist prime minister's objective, recent incidents are sufficient to merit Beijing's attention. China should follow closely the reactions of both regional powers and small states when promoting its "One Belt and One Road" initiative, which refers to the Silk Road economic belt and the 21st century maritime Silk Road.
Historical disputes between India and Sri Lanka over the Tamil people and fishery resources will make it difficult for the two sides to build a rapport any time soon. Modi included in his Sri Lanka trip the city of Jaffna in the Tamil-majority Northern Province, which in fact shows India's interference in the country's internal affairs.
5. Indo Lanka Relations A new Approach for India by d suba chandran 20/3/15      
'Modi has started off well with Sri Lanka. He has addressed the bilateral issues without undermining the interest of any particular party. He has signed a few agreements on what could be considered as harmless small-ticket items. Now he has to build large partnerships and establish a few big-ticket items. New Delhi has to be seen as an equal partner by Colombo and a constructive neighbour by the Sri Lankans; that will provide a larger leverage for India in addressing its own bilateral concerns.'
7. Chinese mandarins get candid about problems ahead by srikanth k 20/3/15
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