Saturday, March 14, 2015

part 1 of my story on the deep state manifesting itself as 'india's daughters'

next part will be up shortly. 

this is not one rogue bbc documentary maker (conveniently jewish), but a whole planned attack. 

part of the attack on russia, japan and india.

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Indian Fascist said...

Rajeev Jee a very nice hard hitting article. I'am however surprised why it is posted in the BLUE JOURNALISM RAG like First Post, one of those media outlets who do the white masters bidding. The wagging dogs as you rightly pointed out, who sell the country and even their mothers for 30 pences

non-carborundum said...


This is a great articulation of things we know intuitively. I do object however, to the line of reasoning that such documentaries, books etc. should be banned. Advocating that would be walking into multiple traps that these pseudo-liberal colonialists have set.

I saw on a TV news show, some sort of argument about "cultural differences" between the UK and India, the specious implication being that actions do not matter so much as "thoughts". I.e. even though rape statistics are worse in the US and UK, Indians are an inferior breed because their minds are full of evil.

I think one strong set of actions that can be unleashed against these propagandists, would be for the government to promote freedom of speech in India with the same fervour as was intended in the First Amendment to the US constitution. This would throw them off balance and also find strong support from an increasing libertarian constituency in both the US and the UK.

vtpcnk said...

regarding the above comment, do you think if india raised similar concerns about the uk or usa, they are going to react or change their laws? why do indians care so much about what goras think about them?

vtpcnk said...

I think the time has come to take the fight to them. for long Indians have only been defensive - primarily because we needed the time to weigh/reconcile western ideas to our traditional thinking. the time has now come to intellectually counter western ideas, philosophy, religion etc on a larger scale - not merely in india but even in media abroad.

san said...


I feel you're connecting too many dots here. Yes, we should look out for sucker-punches from dirty tricksters. After all, the "Arab Spring" which started in Egypt was able to overthrow all sorts of US opponents like Qaddafi and Assad, while leaving the original stooges in Egypt intact.

But in this case, we cannot declare Male India to be the "real Pakistan" and Female India to be the "East Pakistan" (ie. an appendage)

We shouldn't have banned the documentary, and should simply have exercised our right to rebuttal. The Indian govt has blundered in nearsightedly imposing a ban, which makes us look like we're afraid of looking our own problems of crime in the face. We owe it to ourselves and to the women of India to come up with a firm response, rather than ducking the issue.

That being said however, I've posted a number of rebuttals on sites like NYT, NPR, Guardian, etc, only to see them censored or deleted.

exosing christianity's true agenda said...

I have a theory...

Agent Sonia has billions stashed away, he party is sinking, and she is shamed. What shall she do with her billions? Hmmmm..

Maybe she would spend a few million "buying" some editors overseas and also in India. This way she can wreak some small havoc. Remember, Sonia's number one enemy is Hinduism and Hindu civilization. She will stop at nothing to destroy it.

The Maino mafia is wounded but not mortally. This is her way of creating friction.