Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tytler cheated us: US firm to FBI

TCM Mobile LLC said its subsidiary entered into a joint venture promoted by Tytler's son Siddharth and arms agent Abhishek Verma to set up a cellular service for rural India after Tytler assured it had the blessings of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. The $1.1 million that it put into the project was fraudulently withdrawn by Verma and his associates using forged documents. 
IE: Tytler cheated us; said Sonia, Rahul backed project: US firm to FBI

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sansk said...

I expected a little more common sense from these companies. It is common knowledge that in India rule of law does not exist. Also many congress leaders are well-known criminals. Some well connected crooks like Chandraswamy have already taken several western businesses for a ride thanks to their Congressi connections.

These companies, it seems, are run by morons who do not do any due diligence before shelling out money. Explains why USA's economy is in dire straits.