Monday, June 17, 2013

Priorities of "Secular" govt of Karnataka

1st priority: Withdraw the proposed ordinance introduced by the erstwhile "communal" BJP government that would have entailed a strict ban on the inhumane slaughter of cattle.

2nd priority: Restore the jurisdiction of the state "Endowments department" over revenue rich Hindu temples, ex: the prominent Shri Krishna temple at Udupi, thereby removing all safeguards against
misuse and abuse of temple money for un-Hindu and anti-Hindu purposes.

3rd priority: Secure the release of Jihadi terrorist Madani from Kerala - currently incarcerated in
Karnataka for his activities on the soil of Karnataka.

These are the declared objectives of the newly elected
"SECULAR" state government of
Karnataka, under the able leadership of the honourable (sic) C.M and his Kerala Christist Home minister - K.J George.

BTW, is there any other state in the Indian Union that appoints an outsider as Home minister?
It is ok to import Kerala christist nurses - as long as they do not indulge in conversion activity.
But, there is absolutely no justification to import a Kerala christist Home minister. There are plenty of local candidates available - even in the Kaangress.


seadog4227 said...

How hopelessly myopic could the BJP leaders have been? How gullible can the Hindu public be? Anant Kumar's photo fills me with rage everytime I see it.Hindu society being driven to the brink, with chances of peace receding rapidly.

ramesh said...

so thank you BJP for getting squandering the public mandate and getting yourself kicked out (BTW, we also have to thank BJP for Sonia and Manmohan)