Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodbye Universe, Hello Multiverse?

Scientists working on the European Space Agency's Planck Spacecraft Project noticed something very strange a few weeks ago.

They were mapping the "cosmic microwave background" - that's radiation left behind after the Big Bang created the universe almost 14 billion years ago.

They were intrigued by inconsistencies in the background radiation. Put simply it is stronger in one half of the sky than the other and that's supposed to be impossible.

The laws of physics dictate that it should be spread evenly throughout space. They were also astonished to discover a large "cold spot" where the temperature is below average. Here's what the people at Planck think is the only explanation. Other universes.

Once you let this idea in the possibilities are infinite. There could be countless other universes; billions of them. Goodbye universe, hello multiverse.
Express: This theory of multiple universes is sure to tilt our world on its axis

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Harish said...

something our ancient rishis and texts have been saying since time immemorial