Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Chidambaram Aims Tax at Super-Rich

Chidambaram is laying his sights on the super-rich to hit them with a high tax:

I think it will be a good lesson for the rich, who have largely been indifferent and willing to join hands with the corrupt rulers, rather than using their influence to push for change. Now that the rulers are getting desperate, they will quickly and casually devour anyone they find convenient, and the rich will learn a bitter lesson. And if the rich opt to get out of India to shift themselves beyond Chidambaram's reach, then it will teach Congress a lesson too.


seadog4227 said...

Crooks cannot make laws for common bebefit-old jungle saying

vtpcnk said...

your view is optimistic about the intentions of the government. congress party and probably the bjp too, the first rule is self benefit and not national benefit. if chidambaram is trying to get more taxes out of the rich, one first has to see how sonia and co will profit. the congress is probably trying to arm twist 'india inc' to share more of its gains. quite like what deva gowda tried with wipro/infosys a few year back.