Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Secular rape

Thought this merits a brief separate post.

In Nehruvian Stalinist India, "secular" rape does not constitute "rape".

Exhibit A: Molestation of female police officers belligerent anti-national Moslem rioters at Azad Maidan, Mumbai - including illegal Bangladeshi Mohammedan immigrants and their Indian Mohammedan accomplices.

Where was the outcry then?
I do not recall a single candle light vigil to protest that outrage and express solidarity with the molested police women. Is their honour not honour? Is their womanhood not womanhood?
Their molestation is not molestation when the perpetrators are a "peaceful" mob?

Mumbai police constable, Sujata Patil has been crucified in court and the psec media for articulating her indignation, in poetry against "secular" rape.
She has been forced to issue a
*written apology* to the "peaceful" mob, including desecrators of cenotaphs to fallen soldiers - now out on bail and using the "secular" judiciary
to commit figurative rape.

Even POLICEWOMEN ARE NOT IMMUNE from rape in Nehruvian Stalinist India, if the
rapists are of the "SECULAR" variety!

Exhibit B: Delhi gangrape - pervert# 6 is an adherent of a
"minority". Mohammed Afroze, or something like that. According to several accounts, Pervert# 6
lured the victim on to the bus.
Pervert# 6 started verbally harassing the victim. Pervert# 6
started the physical fight. Pervert# 6 was the first to rape the victim. The iron rod was Pervert# 6's idea - he used it in the gruesome manner that he did.

Pervert# 6 has been conveniently declared a "juvenile" by "secular" Sheila Dixit's prosecution. The Waheda
Rehman lookalike is probably one of the most vicious contemporary Stalinist Kaangress politicians. Her contempt for the "unwashed masses" knows no bounds. (There are also dark rumours of Pakistani relatives, that are hard to corroborate - or dismiss.)

In the Islamic republic of Iran, the legal age of marriage for a girl is 9 years - in accordance with Sharia law.

Therefore, an alleged age of
"17.5 years" is surely Halaal
in these matters.

In any case, if Pervert# 6 is old enough to perpetrate his perversion, then it is incontrovertibly Halaal for him to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and face the maximum penalty, including and up to capital punishment - just as the
other 5 perverts.

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OT: Pseudo-secular extraordinaire Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam banned due to vehement protests from Muslim groups.