Friday, January 25, 2013

UPA's fake protests over Headley sentencing

The U.S administration can also
take a leaf out of Sheila Dixit's book, citing "possible law and order problems" as a result of a Headley execution in "sensitive areas" in the greater Chicago area, which does have a huge "peaceful" immigrant population, especially Pakistanis.

After all, David Coleman Headley aka Dawood Gilani was a double agent for the CIA and the ISI, therefore by extension the LeT.

Secondly, Dhimmi GOI has hardly covered itself with glory when it comes to punishing perpetrators of terrorism on Indian soil. GOI needs to first implement the Supreme Court's order to execute Mohd. Afzal Guru - before daring to demand the extradition of Headley et al.

Foreign minister, Salman Khurshid in his previous avatar (sic) as the Congress chief leading the election campaign for the Uttar Pradesh assembly had promised that "rivers of blood will flow if reservations for Muslims are not implemented."

His phoney demand for "harsher" punishment to Headley/Gilani is laughable.
The usually poker faced incoming Secretary of State, John Kerry will have a hard time
controlling his laughter, the next time he meets India's Foreign minister.

Thirdly, the Indian Home minister, Suhail Qamar Al Hinde
has declared just a couple of days ago that there are only "Hindu terrorists" in India - directly inciting the Pakistani Taliban to issue ominous threats
of strikes on Indian soil against
"state sponsored Hindu terrorists" and implicitly negating
Indian requests, howsoever meek, for action against terrorist networks acting from foreign soil.

Typical Stalinist strategy to decimate political opposition: kill
anyone who raises their voice against the government's tyranny and label them "Hindu terrorists". No questions will be asked. No answers will be required.

"India made clear on Friday its disappointment over David Headley not getting a "harsher" sentence than 35 years in jail for helping plot Mumbai terror attack even as the US justified its decision against seeking death penalty for the Pakistani-American LeT terrorist.

External affairs minister Salman Khurshid while asserting that India will try to push for Headley's extradition from the US for facing trial in India said he would have got "harsher punishment" had he been tried in this country. "

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