Wednesday, January 23, 2013

U.S to lift ban on women in combat

Indian toadies to emulate the Yankees? Coconut oil christist,
A.K Antony, a Leon Panetta wannabe?

After all, Indians need to unquestioningly imitate all traits, mannerisms and actions of the Americans -
regardless of their implications and consequences, right?

Possibly, Indian Gunga Dins could additionally imitate a historic American tradition, namely conscription!

And enlist the likes of Shabana Azmi, Teesta Setalvad, Nandita Das, Padma Laxmi, Suzanne "Arundhati" Roy, Nisha Susan
and her Pink Panty Brugade for
immediate deployment at the LOC.

For once, these feminists could be *fighting* Pakistanis instead of going to pubs with them in Mangalore as potential Jihad baby factories!

Secondly, their moustaches might actually repel the Pakistanis!

This is a better proposition than
having our brave soldiers decapitated and mutilated - in the futile defense of such worthy members of our chattering classes!

What could possibly go wrong?

In any case, #secular rape does not constitute #rape in the twisted world of the "secularists",
definitely not in the estimation of
the secularist Marxist feminist banshees!

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