Friday, September 14, 2012

utter bullshit: Growing up Dalit in the US. what about #roma, #tamil, #tibetan #human #rights all under greater attack by whites?

major fabrication alert.

this woman is busy milking the left-liberal/RoL/RoP zeal to 'liberate' india from hinduism. convenient way to make a living, as has been discovered by kancha iliah, who is not even an SC/ST, but an OBC masquerading as one. there is another tamil woman named meena something who has been making a very decent living with this sort of crap. it works, there is a market for it, the padres will fund it, along with the kkkangress.

nobody in the US is bothered about a person's caste. in decades, i can't recall anybody asking me about my caste.

the major differences people are bothered about are language-related. 

in terms of discrimination, the fact that britain is deporting planeloads of tamils to sri lanka (despite clear evidence of torture), the fact that france has just deported hundreds of roma (gypsy) to romania (despite clear evidence of oppression), the fact that none of the left/liberal and RoL sob-sisters says a word about the tibetans (despite dozens of them committing self-immolation due to han brutality), just shows that they -- and this woman -- are frauds.

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From: sri venkat <>
Date: Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 5:25 PM
Subject: Growing up Dalit in the US,

Please the comments which bring out the lies of the dalit author

"There are no Dalit Americans as Thenmozhi Soundararajan would have us
believe (The Black Indians). I’ve been staying in the US for the last
40 years and can categorically say no one cares for caste. The
second-generation Indo-Americans don’t even know what caste
differences are; when someone asks, ‘where’s your family from’, they
want to know which part of India you’re from, not your caste.
-C.S. Padmanabhan, Waltham"

The Black Indians
Growing up Dalit in the US, finding your roots, fighting for your identity
Thenmozhi Soundararajan

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san said...

So now even not knowing about caste amounts to discriminating against caste? Pathetic.