Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salman Rushdie: A closet Jihadi


The fellow is not just guilty of writing utterly boring and unreadable prose - he is a closet Jihadi, including an overt exponent of "Love Jihad".

His idiotic book actually contained perverted material that was explicitly offensive to religious Hindus, whereas any imagined insult to Islam needed to be excavated and interpreted
by feverish minds.

Read his pearls of wisdom in the interview:

1. Hindu "intolerance" is as bad as Islamic intolerance! (Show me a real example of Hindu "intolerance" mister. Didn't we allow a pervert like you absolute freedom on our soil)

2. The rise of Hindutva is a global danger on par with pan Islamic militancy. (What did Hindus ever do to offend/hurt anyone around the world?)

3. The demolition of the alleged
"Babri Masjid" saddened him as an Indian Muslim and offended his gentle sensitivities as a "historian" because it was "a beautiful structure". (I can't stop laughing..)

4. Hindu temples are built on top of demolished Buddhist temples.
(Enough of your verbal flatulence bozo. Prove your statement. Commence your endeavour by excavating archaeological sites located in the Islamic republics of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iran. Let's talk after that)

Tell me Why this moron is held up as a symbol of free speech by misguided Hindus? Didn't he reconvert to the ROP in some Paki mosque in Londonistan?

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