Saturday, September 22, 2012

KKKangress Shining

A major part of the budget is to advertise the programmes of the rural development ministry to influence the rural vote bank. A two-hour light-and-sound show in Hindi on the life of an orphan girl Jamuniya who became a village sarpanch, will be shown in villages. It is being dubbed in Gujarati as well to show it to people in poll-bound Gujarat.
DNA: Rs100 crore ad blitzkrieg to defend fuel price hike


CVSMurty said...

Congress is getting ready for mid-term polls, if they become inevitable. First, they will announce separate Telangana state and allow KCR's TRS party to merge with congress. If mid-term elections are held, then congress-TRS combine will sweep the polls in Telangana. Congress MPs from non-Telangana areas in AP state will be left to fend for themselves or in other words, they will be forced to join Jagan Mohan Reddy (YSR-congress party), who is another clone (or maybe even worse than the mother party) of the congress party. Non-Telangana people will have no option but to elect YSRCP to punish congress for its betrayal.
Once the elections are over, the game starts. AP state gets divided and congress will again form the government with the support of YSR congress party and other opportune parties like SP, BSP, RJD, NCP etc. Jagan will give his support in return for getting let off from the ongoing CBI cases. (It's my guess that negotiations are going on right now for this) Congress will claim judgement in the people's court and the loot starts once again.
The writing on the wall is clear: congress wins, whichever way one looks at it and the losers will be the Andhra voters. That's the reward they get for keeping congress in power all these years. Their chance to punish congress-YSRCP will come after 5 years but by then it's all over and the public has very poor memory. It will have forgotten also the scams of congress e.g. 2G, coal-gate, commonwealth games, Adarsh etc. They can build another portfolio of new scams for their fresh loot and bleed the country to death.

san said...

Maybe KKKangress should try to do an Obama, and go begging Saudi King Abdullah for an oil price drop to help get re-elected. But King will laugh them out of his palace, just like he did to Obama.