Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Poodle Singh Has Become A 'Tragic Figure': WaPo

Attendees at meetings and conferences were jokingly urged to put their phones into “Manmohan Singh mode,” while one joke cited a dentist urging the seated prime minister, “At least in my clinic, please open your mouth.” The story of Singh’s dramatic fall from grace in his second term in office and the slow but steady tarnishing of his reputation has played out in parallel with his country’s decline on his watch. As India’s economy has slowed and as its reputation for rampant corruption has reasserted itself, the idea that the country was on an inexorable road to becoming a global power has increasingly come into question. ”
WaPo: India’s ‘silent’ prime minister becomes a tragic figure


souixsie said...

He is the living manifestation of Stevens the English butler in Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day.

blogsameer said...

Look at the bought out ELM trying to calm out the news by showcasing 2001 incident of report on Vajpayee's drinking.

Also look at the arrgance of Ambika Soni, saying they must apologise, as if they would listen... imagine if it had been an Indian media... they would have intimidated them using all means available.

Had WAPO or any foreign paper criticised Sonia, then one can only imagined what can happen - all kaangressis would have bayed for their blood.

nizhal yoddha said...

interesting analogy, siouxsie. stevens is a beautiful character, and 'the remains of the day' is one of the best books of the late 20th century. but stevens was not morally corrupt, he was just deluded. not sure you can say the same about our beloved leader.

vtpcnk said...

why is ramachandra guha, once 'cricket historian' and now a pet dog for the congress, calling mms "tired" etc?

i think the gandhis want mms to quit his position so that the heir apparent can ascend the throne. but probably mms is not willing to do that and they are not able to force him out.

or it could be that gandhi loyalists are deliberately sabotaging mms's work. so that he can be called inept and pushed out and then somebody 'suitable' with 'youth, courage and vision' can take over.

don't take it hard on poor mms. he was just a bureaucrat who was ambitious and got lucky. the real rats are elsewhere.