Monday, August 20, 2012

How Ulfa Betrayed Assam

Paresh Barua and gang soon came into the strong grip of Pakistan’s ISI detachment in Bangladesh. The Ulfa escapees not only became conduits for ISI to enter India ’s Northeast region to establish contacts with other violent groups there, but also became its great assets for anti-India activities. Ulfa became an effective tool of the ISI for pursuing its aim of inducting and settling illegal Bangladeshi migrants in various parts into Assam, raising new madarasas and controlling old ones and trying to convert ethnic Assamese Muslims to fundamentalism, creating communal tension, circulating fake Indian currency, trafficking arms and narcotics, sabotaging installations-particularly rail and oil- and public services, assassinations and massacres and generally spreading terror. 
Anil Bhat:  How Ulfa altered demographic pattern

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