Monday, August 20, 2012

Congress Targets Modi With New Campaign

The Congress Party is targetting Narendra Modi with a new campaign strategy, intimately engaging any group seen as vulnerable to switching sides. At the heart of the strategy is a campaign to focus on poor women by distributing forms promising them free home ownership. It's worth noting that such forms carry no legal weight whatsoever, and that such lofty promises have never been fulfilled by any previous Congress govt in any part of the country:


Inferno said...

KKKangress can never be taken lightly when it comes to grabbing power. Money from all the scandals will be used to topple Modi.

Gujarat BJP has to be innovative this time -- bring in poor women (and other under-privileged) from KKKangress ruled states as part of the election campaign.

san said...

Congress are literally fighting for their necks, because they know that if they lose power to BJP, they'll be facing major corruption charges which could see people imprisoned. They don't want that, so they're going all-out like they did in the Emergency to ensure they keep power.