Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Kumar for Congress"

jan 31st, 2010

more research on kumar from readers. thanks for the due diligence. a bobby jindal in sheep's clothing? i don't know, and i am glad i don't have to campaign for kumar. 

i do remember one peter mathews (desi christist) who ran for congress from los angeles some time ago. he showed up in the bay area, and the most memorable thing he did was to hit on a friend of mine (admittedly she was gorgeous!)

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From: K

"In 1983, Vijay married Robin Minix, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky. In keeping with his conservative family values, Vijay and Robin have been married for twenty-seven years. The Kumar family attends Bellevue Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee."
Apparently he came from a "Marxist family" i.e. nominally Hindu family (only a guess, one can't tell for sure).   
"I was a Leftist, a bleeding heart liberal until a few years ago.  I came from a Marxist family in India." 
He has openly opposed sharia etc., and even said that Islam wreaked havoc on India, but Hindus still need to be careful and hard-nosed with this guy.  Otherwise, he might well turn out to be another Bobby J.
If this guy was indeed born a Hindu (can't tell for sure because these days the missions have all "gone native" with names - acculturation), his case shows how Indian communism softens up Hindus in preparation for the "lord's advent."  After all, if communism is indeed a Christian heresy (vide Bertrand Russell), there are bound to be thinkers who prefer the original article to the counterfeit one.

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