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Fwd: China diverts 10 billion cubic meters of water from south to the north+Can India protect Rohingyas asks SC+ Naval Chief Lamba visit to Vietnam

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Did you know that Fali Nariman is a refugee from British Burma. Can a Parsi be compared to Rohingyas? What is the population of Paris in India today? About 75k. The number of Rohingyas surely exceeds 40k, could perhaps be closet to 50k now.
3. Put three heads together by G Parthasarathy 5.10.17
The animosity of the army, which dominates national life in Myanmar, toward the Rohingya has increased ever since sections of Rohingya formed armed groups to wage an ill-advised armed struggle after indoctrination in Pakistan. The Myanmar army has continuously battled 22 ethnic insurgencies in the country on its borders with China and Thailand. But seldom, if ever, has the army undertaken the sort of scorched earth policy it has adopted against the Rohingya. And never has the Buddhist clergy reacted so strongly, as in what has transpired in Rakhine, after recent coordinated cross-border attacks on police posts and the army by the Rohingya Solidarity Army.'
Myanmar has a crucial role in supplementing our efforts to deal with insurgencies backed by Pakistan and China in our landlocked Northeastern states, notably Manipur and Nagaland. India is currently building the Kaladan corridor, linking Northeastern states across the Rakhine state with the Bay of Bengal, through the deep-water Sittwe Port in Myanmar. New Delhi has just completed the construction of the port. India has also pledged resources for the development of Rakhine, in an effort that will be helpful in addressing Rohingya grievances. These are crucial projects strategically as they are located alongside a massive Chinese transportation/energy corridor, linking China's Yunnan province with Myanmar's Bay of Bengal Port of Kyaukpyu
4. $ 1 billion for nuke power plant in Bangladesh 5.10.17
Q What is the value of Line of Credit extended by India to Myanmar in the last 5 years and how does it compare with Bangladesh?
5.  China diverts 10 billion cubic meters of water from south to the north 4.10.17
6. FICV Tangle – needs early resolution 5.10.17 by lt gen prakash katoch
7. Gathering clouds over West Asia 5.10.17 by shashank joshi
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