Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Puts Bannon on National Security Council

In a very profound move, with massive policy implications, Donald Trump has put his advisor Steve Bannon on his National Security Council, which is already led General Mike Flynn:

This is not some tiny window-dressing move, because it has effectively demoted the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff who represent the US military, as well as the CIA. This has the potential to shake up US national security policy in a tremendous way. As you may remember, both Bannon and Flynn are very focused on the civilizational threat from Islam. (Hopefully American Deep State won't try to stage an assassination of Trump - so far they're restricting themselves to character assassination only)

Meanwhile, various Indian idiots are protesting against the Trump troupe.

Ms. Payal Modi, an art teacher in a Texas highschool, decided to broadcast her "assassination" of President Trump on the internet:

You'll never find these idiots doing the same against a picture of Hafez Saeed.

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SS said...

Typical Hindu idiot and Democrat party coolie. Why morons like these being the majority in Hinduism, no wonder Deep State treats Hindus like a joke